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113% Funded on Kickstarter!

There's nothing like a global pandemic to shake the Etch A Sketch. I decided to get addicted to caffeine and throw a year of my life at making a video game...And like chucking a bag of shrunken heads into a Hadron Collider; I've never done it before, had no reason to believe I could do it, and didn't know what would happen if I did...But here we bloody are! We are here, aren't we?
I assembled a gang of willing rogues to prepare this sacrifice for your enjoyment; in the hope you will be pleased and bless us with your continued encouragement. Turns out, enough of you believe in us to make a full length game! We defied the bloody odds and got funded on Kickstarter

Huge thank you to Mathew Chalker who salvaged my code equivalent of when Seth Brundle accidentally merged with his Telepod in The Fly and was a putrid mess on the floor. 

Looking forward to sharing the next instalment with you all!


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